Welcome to Nunchuk, the safest and most advanced self-custody solution for your bitcoin.

Vires in numeris, or “strength in numbers”, perfectly captures Bitcoin’s unique strength, literally and figuratively. However, while Bitcoin was designed to be decentralized, the most common methods to store it still rely on single points of failure.

Multisig technology solves that problem by enabling decentralized ownership, making Bitcoin custody much more resistant to accidents and attacks. Nevertheless, there are still major hurdles to overcome, the biggest of which is our own limited mental capacity. The burden of key management is simply too big for any individual to bear alone over an extended period of time.

That is why our team has dedicated the last several years to develop Nunchuk into the world’s first multi-user multisig wallet (a.k.a., a “collaborative” wallet). Nunchuk collaborative wallet allows you to co-manage your bitcoin with your trusted ones, effectively reducing the burden of key management. Our obsession with privacy also ensures that you have total control of your data and communication.